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Update on Sheila

posted Oct 31, 2012, 6:31 AM by Chris Towles
Thanks for all of your prayers and support!  You are the BEST!

Here is the update on my surgery.

My surgery is scheduled for November 8th (Thursday).  My hospital stay will be 2-3 days.  I will be recouping in the Sticht Center at Baptist post-surgically

I will be required to have a drain in the wound for a week.
I will wear a sling for a few days.
I will have stitches for 3 weeks.
I should plan on a 4-week recovery but she will release me earlier if I nag her (this is what I heard and is not reflected in Jeannette's notes...)
The tumor will be completely diagnosed upon removal.  Though they believe it to be non-cancerous, a complete pathological work up will be done and the tumor will not be sectioned UNNECESSARILY as it is removed except to avoid major arteries, nerves, muscles, etc.
There may be some short-term loss of use.  Probably NOT long term.
There will be physical rehab after several weeks.