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1964 Summer Missions Korea

In 1964 eight college students from North Carolina were chosen to go to
South Korea as part of a NC Baptist Student Union work team.  We joined
eighteen Korean students.  Jim Cansler, then Baptist Campus Minister at
UNC-CH, led the N. C. team and Jim Greene, SBC Missionary in Seoul Korea,
led the Korean students.

The NC students were selected by the BSU Missions Committee under the
sponsorship of the Student Missions program that was called L.I.S.T.E.N.
(Love Impels Sacrifice Toward Every Need).

Attached are two photos.  One photo shows those of us who gathered this
weekend for a reunion some fifty years later.  That photo shows (L-R)  Jim
Greene, Betty Clark, Ann Brookshire Sherer-Simpson, Carroll Parker,
me, Bert Felton.  The other photo was taken during an Orientation prior to
going.  You will see names, as we were known then, on the photo.

1964 Korea NC Summer Missions

1964 Korea NC Summer Missions reunion