We have inherited a legacy from our WFU BSU predecessors of finding radical ways of showing Christ's love and incarnating the mission of Christ in our community. This page is going to be a place where we will collect articles and pieces of our history that point to who we've been and who we hope to be in Winston-Salem and beyond.

Ed and Jean are most proud of their work to bring Ed Reynolds to Wake Forest. Joe Clontz was the BSU president and was chosen to be Reynold's roommate.  At a time when trustees weren't willing to desegregate the school Ed and the students of BSU were subversive enough to follow Christ's following against the status quo. 

That's our legacy. When there is injustice, remaining neutral and doing nothing aids the status quo and furthers injustice.

I'll start with these articles sent to me by Beth Braxton '66.  They were written by Kerry King '85 on the WFU website.

‘A dangerous nest of subversives’ | Wake Forest Magazine | Wake Forest University

Unexpected gift inspires a call to serve | Wake Forest Magazine | Wake Forest University

Also, I'll include this blog by Dr. Amy Long '06 & '10, a global health doctor.

Beautifully as Possible

I'll try to find a good article about Joe Clontz and Ed Reynolds. There are a few, but I'll get one that perhaps sums it up well.

Thank you.  If you're an alumn feel free to send me pieces to include.