Constitution 2021

Constitution for the Baptist Student Union at Wake Forest University


Proposed January 15, 2021 by the Constitutional Committee

Approved January 31, 2021 by the BSU Council

Ratified February 2, 2021 by the BSU Body



I.                   Membership and Purpose

The Wake Forest University Baptist Student Union is open to all members of the University community who choose to participate in its ministry, worship, and fellowship activities.

The purpose of the BSU is to provide opportunities for exploring the full implication of a Christian commitment. In order to accomplish this purpose, the BSU attempts to demonstrate the relevance of the Christian faith within the academic community by providing areas of service and opportunities for reflection about the meaning of Christianity.


II.                Organization

The BSU will be organized in the following way: a council and the body. The Council will be chosen from the BSU body. The Council will serve as the principal advisory body to the BSU.

The Baptist Campus Minister/BSU Advisor will be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the BSU Council.

The Council should work together as partners and friends and should always welcome input by all BSU members at Council meetings.

The Council as a whole will:

1.     Meet at least twice monthly to fellowship and conduct business.

2.     Make decisions regarding BSU policies and activities and implement them. These decisions may be submitted to the BSU for approval at the community meetings.

3.     Be responsible for organizing and promoting activities which fulfill the purposes of the BSU as outlined above.

4.     Set summer missions goal and approve fundraising projects.

5.     Approve major expenditure requests and submit them to the BSU community for approval.

6.     Call elections and make applications available before Spring Break each year to fill the Council positions for the following year. (See Election Procedures – IV)

A Council member’s duties include, but are not limited to:


1.     Attending two (2) Council meetings per month

2.     Prioritizing attendance at weekly community meetings (cooking at one (1) meeting and cleaning at one (1) other meeting per semester, if needed) and attendance at Fall Retreat (combined two duties into one rather than having Fall retreat and weekly meetings separate).

3.     Supporting or attending planned activities whenever possible.

4.     Meeting periodically with the Baptist Campus Minister to discuss events related to their council position.

5.     Working with each other to form teams when necessary to accomplish tasks and goals effectively.

6.     Orienting and supporting new Council members.

7.     Attending Council Planning Retreats.

8.     Cleaning of the BSU lounge according to assignments and schedule of Fellowship Coordinator.

If a council member is unable to fulfill their aforementioned duties, it is their responsibility to communicate this to the rest of Council, prior to the event of their absences. If those duties are unfulfilled and no prior notice is given, the council member will discuss with the President and Baptist Campus Minister their reason for the unfulfilled duty and make a plan of action for future endeavors.

If problems persist, the President and Baptist Campus Minister will have a follow up conversation with the council member in question and make a plan to remove them from their position. The council shall then choose to either divide the responsibilities up among the remaining council members or refer to Election Procedures subsection 14.

If the issues involve the president, any council member may bring it to the attention of the Baptist Campus Minister who will then deal with the situation in a similar manner to the statements above.

The Council positions and job descriptions are:

1.     President – Oversees the activities of BSU. Calls Council meetings, sets agendas, and runs the meetings. If unable to attend a Council meeting, the President appoints another Council member to lead the meeting. Maintains contact with fellow Council members and ensures that each Council member has a copy of the BSU Constitution. Plans Council retreats and planning meetings. Organizes end-of-semester BSU lounge cleaning. Serves as a member of the worship planning team.

2.     Secretary/Treasurer – Keeps minutes of Council meetings and any community business meetings. Presents minutes and financial reports when appropriate at Council meetings. Assists the campus minister with BSU finances. Collects money from BSU members for special events and fundraising. For money brought in through fundraising, they will create and maintain a separate budget, which is accessible to the council.  Obtains, fills out, and turns in Project Reports to the SBAC each month. Reports with the President to the SBAC meeting.

3.     Missions Coordinator – Primary responsibilities include:

a.     Coordinating BSU fundraising efforts to support missions, including Exam Care Packages and organizing semester Work Days. Money from any fundraising events will be collected by the treasurer to be used for as donations, scholarships, and other things as directed by the council.

b.     Organizes and maintains involvement in special ministries and volunteer opportunities such as Samaritan Inn, SECU House, Winter Overflow Shelter, and/or other ministries as suggested by the BSU body and approved by the BSU Council. Enlists coordinators for each special ministry supported by the BSU.

c.     Provides information on opportunities for mission work through organizations such as Student Dot Go and other summer mission opportunities and encourages student involvement. Assists campus minister in planning mission trips.

(The Missions Coordinator is not expected to participate in all special ministries or missions.)

4.     Worship Coordinator – Coordinates worship planning for weekly community meetings. Recruits a music team leader. Leads a worship planning team, which would include, but not be limited to, the BSU President and music team leader. Enlists speakers for community meetings when appropriate. Coordinates the week’s speaker(s) for the community meeting, to be communicated to The Pastoral Care Coordinator to be included in the weekly email. Reminds the BSU body about the weekly community meeting (ex. GroupMe message reminder).

5.     Covenant Family Coordinator – Coordinates covenant families (small groups) by recruiting leaders and assisting in determining curriculum and selecting materials for families. Promotes interaction between Covenant Families such as game days, picnics, movie nights, etc. Makes suggestions for literature and materials for the BSU library.

6.     Pastoral Care Coordinator – Organizes efforts toward actively caring for all members of BSU. Keeps a contact list of BSU participants and a list of all birthdays. Maintains the BSU Google Group and sends a weekly email of BSU announcements. Makes worship opportunities and church attendance groups available to BSU members. Responsible for collecting prayer requests, both private and public, and leads a prayer during each community meeting. Coordinates visitation by Council members and the BSU body to such individuals they feel appropriate. Works closely with the New Student Representative to reach out to Freshmen and New Students.

7.     Fellowship Coordinator – Provides fellowship opportunities through various activities both within and beyond community meetings, such as movie nights, hiking trips, mini-golf, tailgates, etc. Responsible for recruiting members to cook and clean for community meals before each community meeting, and sends reminders to these members. Shares meal information with the Pastoral Care Coordinator to be shared in the weekly email. Responsible for assigning Council members tasks to ensure upkeep of the BSU lounge. Coordinates with guest groups about maintaining the upkeep of the BSU lounge.

8.     Campus Outreach Coordinator – Serves as the contact person for other organizations on campus, i.e. campus ministries, Hillel, MSA, VSC, SGA, etc., and campus-wide volunteer events, i.e. Hit the Bricks, Project Pumpkin, Wake and Shake, etc. Corresponds with these organizations and provides opportunities for BSU to interact with other organizations when appropriate. Makes information regarding other organizations available to the BSU body. Serves as or designates a liaison to the Interfaith Council. Serves as coordinator for the BSU intramural teams.

9.     New Student Representative – Serves as a “voice” of new students and aids in recruiting new students. Lends support to other Council positions, particularly working closely with the Pastoral Care Coordinator in New Student Outreach and Fellowship efforts. This person will be a freshman or transfer student.

10.  Public Relations Coordinator – Responsible for managing BSU Facebook, Instagram, GroupMe, and Twitter accounts, as well as the BSU webpage. Organizes production of a BSU Newsletter each semester for alumni. Coordinates Senior Dinner and creates the slideshow, as well as oversees the creation of the BSU scrapbook towards the end of the year. Responsible for the publicity and promotion of BSU on campus, by creating reminders and/or advertisements for BSU meetings and events.

The responsibilities of the Baptist Campus Minister/BSU Advisor include:

1.     Acting as a non-voting, ex-officio member of Council.

2.     Voicing their opinions.

3.     Helping with the planning of finances.

4.     Serving as a liaison between the BSU and the University and as a general resource person.

The BSU will have the flexibility to amend the Constitution for the purpose of changing the Council structure and/or job descriptions as the need arises. Such recommendations will come from the Council at the request of the BSU body or of the Council members themselves. Changes will require the majority approval of the Council and the affirmation of the BSU body.


III.             Community Meetings

Program and/or fellowship meetings will be held at least every week for the entire Baptist Student Union. At the request of any member of the Baptist Student Union, business may be transacted at the weekly meetings.


IV.             Elections

All members of the BSU Council, with the exception of the New Student Representative will be elected in the spring, with applications being distributed before Spring Break.

A.    Election Procedures

1.     After elections have been called, each class will recommend representatives for the nominating committee to the Council. This will be done through individual written recommendations during a community meeting

2.     After receiving all recommendations, the Council will consider all these written recommendations and will choose one (1) representative from each class. It is suggested that two (2) of these representatives be Council members and the remaining two (2) be non-Council members. In addition, the BSU President will serve as a voting member of the nominating committee.

3.     The Baptist Campus Minister will serve as an ex-officio member of the nominating committee.

4.     Job descriptions for the Council positions will be publicized at the beginning of the spring semester.

5.     Applications, along with job descriptions and copies of the BSU Constitution, will be made available prior to Spring Break, or mid-March.

6.     All people interested in running for Council will fill out an application. Completed applications will be due to the Baptist Campus Minister the week before Spring Break, or mid-March.

7.     The nominating committee will then interview each applicant.

8.     After all interviews are completed, the nominating committee will use their judgment and information from the applications and interviews to determine which positions should be filled by particular BSU members who have applied.

9.     The BSU President will contact the nominees and ask them to accept their nomination.

10.  The nominations of the nominating committee will be presented to the BSU body at a community meeting by the 2nd week of April.

11.  If a person is not accepted by the committee to a position, the President or Baptist Campus minister will contact them regarding that position and other available options, such as serving in another capacity, such as lending support to the Worship or Fellowship Coordinator.

12.  In the event that no one has accepted a nomination for a particular position and at the discretion of the committee, the nominating committee will actively seek candidates for that position in the following week. Any individual of BSU may make suggestions to the committee.

13.  At the following community meeting, the body will affirm the recommendations of the nominating committee.

14.  Vacancies occurring during the school year will be filled by persons chosen by the BSU Council. It is suggested that those persons be sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

15.  It is recommended that the BSU President be someone who has previously served on the BSU Council for a minimum of one (1) full year.

16.  At a community meeting during the first week of October, the new students will make recommendations of freshmen or transfer students to serve as the New Student Representative on Council. At its next meeting, the BSU Council selects a New Student Representative from those recommendations. That person then becomes a member of the BSU Council.

Election procedures may be amended when recommended by the BSU Council. Such changes may be suggested by the BSU body to the Council or may come from the Council members. Amending the Constitution in regard to election procedures will require the approval of the Council and the affirmation of the BSU body.


V.             Constitution Review

This constitution should be reviewed every three (3) years by a committee determined in the same way the nomination committee is selected and voted to affirm by the BSU body.


VI.             Extreme Circumstances

In the event that extreme circumstances prevent the carrying out of this constitution, the Council shall attempt to maintain “normalcy” within the BSU, adhering as closely to the constitution as possible in the situation.

The council also has the power to temporarily change practices outlined in this constitution for the duration of the extreme circumstance as needed.


Submitted by the 2021 BSU Constitutional Committee:

            Olivia Blake, Sophomore and Special Ministries Coordinator

            Sierra Browning, Junior and President

Megan Gerber, Junior and Pastoral Care Coordinator

            Will Gilkeson, Junior

            Kyla Lewis, Freshman

Anna Price, Junior

Madison Roope, Senior

Alyssa Soltren, Freshman and New Member Representative

Christopher Towles, Baptist Campus Minister/BSU Advisor



Sierra Browning,
Mar 29, 2021, 7:39 AM